Westport Office

 From the beginning, we have eyed Westport – and the greater South Beach area – for SRG expansion because, first and foremost, our “why” is to create as much positive change as we can in our community and my community – for the first 20 years of my life – was the South Beach. 

 I was born and raised in one of the Harbor’s smallest towns, Westport. My hometown embodies the quintessential small-town experience we love so much. Two industries that support locals – fishing and tourism – alongside miles of ocean, surfing, and easy beach living.  

Since 2015, the real estate market has increased markedly in Grays Harbor. Aberdeen/Hoquiam average sale prices have increased by close to 100%. Ocean shores, 44%. Westport – 57%. But, while all areas have seen growth in sales prices and a reduction in inventory (thereby creating a seller’s market), some markets have few and fewer options when they turn for help in buying, selling, and investing in local real estate. One of those markets has been my hometown, Westport.  

To that end, we recently reached an agreement to purchase an incredible office space in a great location in Westport. The space will serve as our first satellite office and be used to better serve our South Beach clients, both old and new. We hope this investment into my hometown will be the first of many. We will use the space creatively, striving to provide the best real estate experience possible. To do the things we dreamed of doing when we arrived back in the Harbor 5 short years ago. 

Our goal with Spivey Realty Group (SRG) is to offer the best real estate services to the community. To consistently improve and refine those services as the real estate world modernizes, becoming increasingly tech-heavy and internet-based. We look forward to opening our first satellite office, offering our services, experience, and down-right grit and determination to locals and future-locals across the South Beach. Now back to work!  

The remodel plan

The remodel of our building should start next week with a new roof and exterior facelift. We love the bones of this building and just want tp enhance the SRG flare. The privacy wall on the deck is coming down and we plan to re- stain the wood for a rich medium wood tone to match the eves of the awnings. The body will be a soft off white with the cinderblocks staying a dark dark green. Fixtures including our sign will be matte black.

We’re going to dress it up with some shell lighting, gold fixtures and greenery to add some fun and unique moments.

That’s the plan anyway!

The Bathroom

My favorite past has to be the emerald glazed tile I have been dying to do in a project for years!!😍 We are going to run it on the floor and up the wall behind the vanity in the bathroom and the wet bar areas.

Our Kitchenette

Inside, we will be adding wood flooring and accent slatted ceiling , keeping it minimal with the off white color, maybe a concrete a faux concrete backdrop, custom table workspace and tons of built in storage. There are already two great meeting room spaces that we plan to keep for private meetings.

The meeting space

The project should be finishing up at the end of January and open to public (via appointment) by the beginning of February!

1/25 Official photos are here and we’re so excited about them 😍


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