The Spivey’s

We’re just your local realtors with a passion for restoring the Harbor’s most unloved properties to their former glory and offer them back to the community for housing. Grays Harbor has much to offer in its rich 150+ year history. That includes 100+ year-old Craftsman and Victorian homes, mid-century beach homes and ramblers, and more! In 2015 after the birth of our first daughter Charlee, we decided to come home to the Harbor to make an impact on our small community, be close to family, and to have our children be a part of the small-town lifestyle we loved so much growing up.

We see limitless opportunity across Grays Harbor. Best-Selling Author Gary Keller talks about finding your ONE thing, and that will be your life’s work. Our one thing is Grays Harbor real estate. The Spivey Realty Group helps folks buy, sell and invest in real estate in the simplest and most profitable way. In addition to helping folks achieve their real estate dreams every day, we also strive to achieve ours. We created Spivey Home Company to change the face of Grays Harbor, one house, building, and project at a time. We renovate and stage homes for re-sale and long-term housing for our community.
We also practice what we preach. Real estate is more than something we help folks sell or buy. We strive to help our community build wealth through home ownership and real estate investment – and we do the same!
We’ve got three little ones and are committed to the movement that makes Grays Harbor a better place to live. We are blessed with the friends and community who’ve supported us along the way, and we look forward to many years to come!


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  1. Hi I was wondering if you could help my fiancé and I we’ve been looking for a 1 to 2 Bedroom place that allows our emotional support dog who is very small and my fiancé’s mothers two emotional support cat she gave us before she passed. Our lease ends in our apartment this February. So far credits are not good but we are working on it and we both have jobs.

    1. Hey Jamelyn, we can certainly update you as our apartment come available! What’s a good email for you?

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